Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What To Wear To...A Winter Graduation

My sincerest apologies for my recent absence from the blogsphere! Life has been totally hectic since my return from holiday. I started my internship this week after 3 months of working from home (largely in my pjs!!) so am struggling to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, yesterday marked an important milestone in my life (and one which if I'm honest, I didn't think I would reach!) - my Master's Graduation! After what was quite possibly the hardest and most miserable year of my academic life, I somehow managed to pass and live to tell the tale! I knew that this graduation would differ quite a bit from my undergrad graduation in many ways but as usual, my main concern was with the weather. Dressing for a summer graduation is definitely a piece of cake in comparison to dressing for winter, particular one which has for the last couple of weeks been referred to a the big freeze! It took my half an hour yesterday morning to dig the car out of the inches of 'light snow,' I dread to thing how bad it must have been for those coming from outside of London. But like true troopers, everyone managed to beat the weather, looked lovely and it was a fab day overall! See below for what I wore...

Winter Graduation...

My top tips for dressing for a winter graduation:
  • Tights are a must, even nude ones. It is just not practical to be walking around outside in -1Âșc temperatures without tights! (...at least not anymore :-D!)
  • A good pair of ankle boots or shoe boots keep the feet warm while still looking professional. I lost count of the amount of ankle boots I saw yesterday!
  • If you follow the above tips then with dresses/skirts, anything goes. You might not want to go for sleeveless if you get cold however, it is important to remember that it can get pretty heated under the gowns so if your a naturally hot person go for comfort. I am a naturally cold person so a 3/4 length cottony dress (above) was the perfect amount of coverage for me. It was also a bargain at only £15 from Dorothy Perkins in the sales!
  • This is really a minor but don't forget to consider the colour of your gown when picking your colours. Our gowns were green and black so I went for teal to complement it.
Have you got any tips for professional winter attire? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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