Saturday, 29 December 2012

What to Wear When Travelling - Cold Climate to Hot

I hope everyone is by now fully recovered from a fruitful Christmas and preparing for the New Year! A quick little post here for anyone hoping to catch some winter sun and escape the dreary winter weather!

I always struggle when deciding what to wear travelling with the comfort vs. style dilemma constantly at the forefront of my mind. When a flight or journey is short term (say a couple of hours) this is not so much of an issue, existing in slight discomfort in the name of fashion can be done. However, when a 9 hour flight is awaiting you after an already longish 1 and a half hour drive to the airport, a onesie is the only thing that I want to wear! However tempting this may be, it is not an option! There is, however, a meeting place between comfort and style in which neither is compromised and that allows you to reach your destination without looking a hot mess!

After doing my usual troll online for solutions (and with a little help from some very helpful polyvorers!) The below outfit worked a treat as a presentable but extremely comfortable travelling outfit. Here are a few travel friendly tips when dressing for flights or long journeys:

  • Layers are your friend! Looking remotely presentable leaving London on a not so sunny day in December for an extremely humid evening in Barbados was totally dependent on layering. I noticed that many people did not utilise this incredibly useful fact and ended up in 27ºC evening heat in boots, jeans and shirts. Not comfortable and not a good look! A simple tank under a shirt of blouse can add warmth in the cold while being your basis for your warm weather outfit. Alternatively if it is not to cold you may be able to get away with just a t-shirt/blouse under a thick jumper, easy to remove and very comfortable.
  • Footwear can often be a tricky choice when changing climates (as described above!) which is why I tend to go for ballet pumps with a pair of sandals in my hand luggage. In the cold, teaming the pumps with black socks, or tights if you are wearing a skirt or dress, keeps your feet toasty and comfortable without looking too outlandish. Then a quick switch before landing ensures that you are totally comfortable and your feet are not on fire once your land!
  • Accessories are everything, but just make sure that you don't overload on the metal! Nothing is more annoying than having to strip of all your metal items at security and then having the re-dress yourself afterwards. It's just long! This time I avoided the hassle by wearing wooden earrings and putting on my statement necklaces before landing as I was wearing a scarf on the journey. Also jeggings over jeans are both more comfortable and avoid the belt issue at security...[UPDATE: maxi skirts/dresses with tights or leggings underneath are also a good alternative!]
Here's an interpretation of what I wore...
From London to Barbados...
Items: Wooly jumper (I got a similar one from Primark) , scarf, body warm/vest/gillet, pumps, tote bag, jeggings, blouse/top, statement necklace, earrings, nail varnish (for the toesies!), sandals/flip flops.

Do you have any travel outfit tips? What do you usually wear when travelling? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas from The Fashion Meteorologist!

I just wanted to send seasons greetings and wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas!!!! It's not actually Christmas here yet (about 3 and a half hours to go...) but thought I would go with Greenwich mean time!!!! Hope all your Christmas wishes come true and you have a fab day of love and happiness!

Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

p.s. A heads up for all the shopaholics out there! Many retailers have already started their sales so now is the time to grab some bargains! River Island have lots of fab goodies, many for under a tenner so make sure to check it out!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sunshine and Rain - Dressing for Tropical Climates.

So, since I didn't get to do a post before I left, I thought I would at least do a quick post here from sunny Barbados! Although the climate is a drastic improvement from the grey skies and bitter winds of London, many similar fashion dilemmas still arise, and it is not as easy to predict the weather here, particularly as it varies so much from place to place! Despite the fact that Barbados is so tiny, it is very common for it to be raining on one part of the island and for another part (sometimes just down the road) to be perfectly dry with sunny skies. This creates obvious problems when deciding what to wear as you really cannot tell exactly how the weather will be where you are.

It is for this reason that when here, there are certain adjustments that I make to my fashion decisions which are slightly out of character for me. For example, I am very very particular when in London to plan my footwear based on whether it is going to rain or be cold. No such planning can be done here and in a way it doesn't need to. A shower in Barbados is what in London would probably be called heavy rain, the only difference is that it is short lived. This means that whatever shoes you have on, your feet will get wet regardless as the likelihood of wearing wellies is...unlikely. So, closed toe or open toe, it really depends on your preference, I don't mind having wet feet so usually I opt for open.

The biggest challenge that I face dressing for Barbados weather is in fact man made. With daytime temperatures averaging 28ºc at this time of the year, there is no escaping my most hated device - the dreaded air-conditioning! As a naturally cold person, air conditioning makes my life hell, particularly those set to unnaturally cold temperatures. Constantly going from super hot to extremely cold means that it is hard to maintain a stable body temperature, making colds almost inevitable. Carrying a cardigan or shirt to throw over if inside for long periods of time is the best bet, however if going in and out regularly (like when shopping) means most of the time I just have to suck it up and deal with it...

Yesterday was a hot day but had several heavy showers. Here is a replica of what I wore...

Sunshine and Rain...

How do you dress in unpredictable weather? Any advice? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Capsule Wardrobe 101: 3 Week Beach Holiday

So, in approximately 6 days time (not that I am counting or anything!) I am off to sunny Barbados for 3 weeks! Considering the minus temperatures that London has been experiencing this week, I can't deny that the warmer climate (generally 28º - 32ºc!) is very inviting right now. But, as with any trip, the dilemma of what to pack had me stumped, particularly because after several short trips this year, 3 weeks seems like a life time! However, after spending hours trolling through probably every packing guide/blog post available online as well as capsule wardrobe advice, I came up with the following list...

2 shirts - 1 denim and one black. These can either be warn as they are or over tops/t-shirts like a jacket
4 t-shirts - each in different colours
2 vest tops - including a black one (always essential!)
2 blouses/ dressy tops - these should be able to be worn casually too
2 casual shorts - if your not a shorts person, you can add an extra pair of jeans or skirt
1 maxi dress - as I am tall, maxi dresses tend to be really heavy but if your not then add more!
1 normal dress - this should be able to be worn casual and dressy
1 jumpsuit/playsuit - strapless ones are great for the beach
1 beach dress/cover up - another item that should be versatile
1 maxi skirt - I'm going for a black one but any colour is good really
2 mini skirts - maybe in different styles, I picked a high-low skirt to change it up
1 pair of trousers/jeans/jeggings/chinos - preferably in a neutral colour
1 cardigan - not black as the black shirt serves this purpose
2 bikinis/swimsuits - I'm not really one for bringing lots of bikinis, I just want one to wear when the other is wet!
1 pair of flip flops - for obvious reasons
1 pair of wedges - comfortable and dressy (but also casual :-) )
1 pair of flat sandals - for those days when flip flops won't do
1 pair of trainers/closed-toe shoes - for those rainy days or days when considerable walking is required
1 beach bag - can be doubled up as your travel bag (which is what I am doing)
1 clutch bag - nights out, dinner etc.
1 sun hat - sun and hair...
2 sunglasses - 2 different styles maybe on more fancy?
Tons of accessories - a mixture of gold and silver, versatile things that can be dressed up or down

Minus the accessories and swimwear, below is the above materialised! It should cover activities such as beach time, shopping, lunches/dinners, bars etc. Most of the items I actually own and will be packing...

Winter Sun...

Do you think this will be enough for 3 weeks? Any capsule wardrobe tips? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Dress for Success - Interview Outfits for the Cold

Hi guys! Apologies that it has been a little while since my last post but I am back!

So, today I had an interview for an internship with a fantastic music organisation and really wanted to make a good impression. I was totally thrown however when I check the weather and much to my horror, the 'feels like' temperature was showing 1°! I roughly knew what I wanted to wear as a while ago I purchased a bunch of peplum tops in different colours from New Look specifically for this type of occasion, but definitely found that I had to weather-proof for the hour journey there and back.

Weather proofing strategies...
The stretchiness of the top and the fact I was wearing a blazer on top meant that I was able to conceal an ultra-warm black long sleeve top underneath. To eliminate the draft from my 3/4 length sleeves under my coat, my trusty arm warmers came into play. Finally to avoid looking like I was wearing leggings with my super cosy Primark tights, I went for the weather technology ones which are slightly lighter but still very warm (sadly these got caught on my boot zip on the way home and laddered!!! :-( ).   I was particular undecided about footwear as it had originally planned to wear low-heeled black pumps.  But a combination of not being bothered to carry flats and wanting to keep my feet warm led to me trying out my new ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins. They worked a treat and definitely didn't detract from the professional look I was going for.

The final result was definitely a winner! A professional outfit which kept me super warm and GOT ME THE INTERNSHIP!!! Although I did feel very overdressed compared to the other candidates, it does show that it pays to dress for success. See what I wore below, a few items are old but some still available to buy...

Got the job...

Bag - Ollie and Nic (old) | Earrings - JCPenny (old) | Peplum top - New Look - £8.99 | Belt - Forever 21 -£2.40 (mine actually came off an old dress) | Skirt - New Look - £15 (I got mine from Forever 21 for £2.99 in the summer sales!) | Blazer - H&M - £15 (I bought mine a few years ago) | Boots - Dorothy Perkins - £32

Speaking of dressing for success, Dress For Success is a great charity which helps women who are not as fortunately as many of us to be able to dress for job success. They accept donations of "high quality work-appropriate clothes in all sizes," so do spare a thought for them next time you do a wardrobe clear out :-)

Have you had a job interview recently? What did you wear? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bargains In Unexpected Places...£1 Earrings

I was so excited by my purchases today that I had to come home and post straight away! But first I must make a confession to you...I am a earring-a-holic! I am totally obsessed with earrings, the stranger looking the better. I have no idea how many I have but since I have been wearing earrings since I was 2 months old (I am now 22!) I think I have accrued quite an extensive collection.

Recently, however, I have been trying to stop buying more as I barely have time to wear the ones I have, let alone any new additions. But I just couldn't resist today when my boyfriend and I went into Burton on a belt hunt and stumbled across their accessories/jewellery section. Now first of all, call me ignorant, but I was completely unaware that they sell sets of earrings for guys! They are pretty much identical to the ones they sell for ladies and ironically the designs are quite similar too. What really got me however, was just how cheap they had gone down too - the original prices were £6 but they had been discounted to £1!

Obviously I got them (or really I got my boyfriend to get them for me lol) and even picked up a £1 ring at the same time! RESULT!!!! The moral of the story is truly that bargains really are found in the most unexpected places, especially when you are not looking for them. Check out my purchases below...

These are perfect for top holes
(I have 2.) 
          Not exactly the most 
          masculine ring ever right?
Love these quirky kinds
 of earrings

Have you got any stories of unexpected places you have found bargains? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

What's In My Bag?... My Tools for Weather Survival

As my ultimate weather-navigating accessory, my handbag holds the essential items needed for me to avoid any mishaps when out and about. With a few exceptions which come and go from my staples  (such as pens, painkillers etc.),  I largely carry around the same things daily. So, I thought I would do a 'what's in my bag' post today to show you what lies in a fashion meteorologist's hangbag...

1. Umbrella - no explanation needed! / 2. Purse - This one is by Michael Kors and has endless compartments so that everything is in order /  3. Hand Cream - I have super dry hands and cannot leave the house without it! / 4. Make-up Bag - I keep all the little cosmetics items in this so they don't get lost / 5. Travel Perfume Atomiser - So that I can carry my fav scent wherever I go! / 6. Comb and Brush - For those windy moments / 7. Hand Sanitiser - Bacteria is not your friend... / 8. Vaseline - All purpose essential / 9. Carmex - Dry lips caused by hot or cold is not an option / 10. Nail kit - For those nail emergencies / 11. Tissues - Cold, hayfever, nosebleed...need I say more / 12. Hand wipes - For those sticky moments / 13. Keys - Gotta get in, right? / 14. Diary - I'd pick paper over electronic anyway / 15. Oyster Card + Holder - For getting around / 16. Handbag Hook - Who wants to put their handbag on the floor? / 17. Glasses - Blind without them! / 18. Spare Phone Battery - Smartphone batteries have notoriously short lives.

A bag organiser holds all of my handbag items making it super easy for me to change handbags at will. It can actually fit into a pretty small bag (think iPad/tablet sized) so is very useful! This one was from Primark and cost around £3.

What do you carry in your handbag? Do you have any weather-busting essentials? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx