Friday, 30 November 2012

Dorothy Perkins Pop Up Sale

Just a quick post today to let all of you who didn't already know, that Dorothy Perkins has a pop up sale!!! Everything, both online and in-store, is discounted up to 30% so make sure to have a look, there are loads of goodies available! UPDATE: Discount code - INTDP15 - will get you an extra 15% off!

Have you managed to grab any bargains? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

All Weathers Item of the Week - Fashion Union Turtle Neck Jersey Maxi Dress

After hearing practically everywhere about the Fashion Union £5 party dresses, I thought I would take a look on their website and see what else they had to offer. In all honesty, I had never heard of Fashion Union so didn't really know what to expect. But to my pleasant surprise there are lots of fab, inexpensive goodies on their website in addition to their £5 dresses. Exhibit 1: Turtle Neck Maxi Dress.

£10 - Fashion Union
Firstly, despite the name of this dress, it is more a midi dress than a maxi dress. The pictures on their website show the dressing coming to about mid shin, though if you are tall (like me!) then it comfortably covers the knees. It comes in a variety of colours (red, navy, grey, purple and of course teal!) and the best part is that its only a tenner! And if you use the code 15NOV12 at the checkout you get 15% off and free delivery!!!!! A total bargain right? The really soft, stretchy jersey material makes it comfortable to wear adding to its versatility. Perfect winter wear with a long sleeve underneath, tights and boots but it works just as perfectly for warmer weather when teamed with sandals! See below for 3 different casual ways to wear, all items are currently available online!

The Teal Turtle...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Soaked and windswept - How NOT to prepare for freak weather

Today was another one of those days where I have failed to follow my own fashion weather advice and have heavily paid the price! But let this be a lesson to myself for ignoring rule no.1 of dressing for the weather: Always check the weather forecast before going out.

In all fairness, since finishing studying I barely venture out unless it is truly necessary. So today's venture, which I underestimated as being quite straight-forward, was somewhat of an aversion to the recent enjoyment of watching bad weather from the comfort of my room which I have been getting used to of late. Let me tell you, getting soaked by heavy showers TWICE before getting lost when your phone decides it doesn't want to give you any internet signal (i.e. no google maps) and battling high winds with your umbrella in one hand, soggy (non-responsive) smart phone in the other is just not cool!  20 minutes late and looking like you've been hit by a giant wave, I've have definitely learned my lesson and WILL NOT be leaving the house in future clueless to the impending the weather conditions.

Let this be warning to you all of the fashion dangers of not preparing for the weather! Here's what not to wear on a day like this...

Pearly Queen of the Rain...

Everything but the coat, cardigan, scarf and earrings are exactly what I had on today. They are all pretty old stuff (so no longer available online) but here are the retailers (and links where available) of where I got my stuff from anyway:
Scarf: DKNY                Earrings: Primark              Bag: Accessorize, 
Collar: New Look       Top: New Look                 Cardigan: Primark
Skirt: H&M                  Tights: Primark                 Coat: New Look 

How did you fair in the weather today? Did it rain where you are? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Website of the Week:

Happy Monday everyone! Below is something that will help ensure that you week gets off to a fab start!

So I was browsing the internet, as you do, and I came across a fab website that will surely be of use to us all! Daily Dress Me literally "tells you what to wear based on the weather."With straight-forward pictures of outfit ideas for each day based on the temperature and weather conditions, this is the essential tool for beginning to plan your outfits! You can pick your location and whether you want temperatures in celsius or fahrenheit, making it super accessible.

I will definitely be using this website as a starting point when deciding what to wear for the day. Obviously, they are merely suggestions and don't have to be stuck to, but on days when your creative fashion juices have dried up, why not use Daily Dress Me as a stimulus and model your own outfit of their suggestion?
OMG! This is website of my dreams! 
Screenshot from

Have you tried Daily Dress Me before? Will you be using it now? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Dressing for the Weather 101: 10°c and under

Apologies that I have been M.I.A. on the posting for a while but have been super busy! But I am back with some sound, tried and tested fashionable weather advice for you guys!

It is currently, if it hasn't already, approaching winter in London. With temperatures generally moving up and down around the 10°c degrees mark, it can be tricky to judge how much wrapping up is really necessary. For example, Wednesday was visibly a beautiful day. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky but  with temperatures just about reaching 10°c. As a paranoid weather dresser, I was prepared for this and dressed for the temperature over anything else, which definitely did the trick! Below are a few of my hints and tips for outsmarting the somewhat deceptive current climate...

Perfect example of Winter Sun in London!
  • Do not be deceived by the sun! With the evenings drawing in earlier, any heat generated by the sun (which in all honesty is not much!) during winter will ultimately disappear once it starts to go down. If you are going to be out and about after sunlight but begin during daylight bring extra layers such as hats and gloves for when it starts to get dark. You will appreciate them! For ideas on some cute hats, see here...
  • Although 10°c is chilly, it is not freezing, so save your hardcore winter clothes for colder temperatures. Lack of sun and excessive cloud can definitely make is seem colder than it is (and of course, the opposite warmer) so check the weather forecast for the 'feels like' temperature too before making those all important fashion decisions. Don't forget to factor in the wind which can also make a considerable difference both physically and fashionably. Above 15mph is generally breezy (check out this fantastic yahoo answer breakdown of wind speeds!)  Dressing for what it feels like definitely trumps dressing for what it actually is and is a much smarter choice!
  • Weather apps are your friend! I cannot literally not leave the house, let alone plan an outfit without consulting both The Met Office and The Weather Channel phone apps first. Both display 'feels like' temperatures and also break up the weather by hours/time periods so its easy to plan your outfit for the whole day. Very useful for avoiding deceptive sunny times, particularly if rain is forecasted later in the day...this has often saved my shoes more than anything else!
  • Everyone's body reacts to temperatures differently so its important to know your own personal temperature limits. For me, 10° is too cold for pumps without socks or tights but definitely not UGG boot weather (I save those until at least under 5°!). I do however revert to the winter jacket as it is a bit chilly for the cape, especially after dark. Test different amounts of layering for short trips out to see what your temperature limits are, it definitely makes planning outfits a lot easier once you know...
H&M and Primark are totally my go-to shops for weather accessories to have during these kind of temperatures. See below for a few of items which are on sale right now on H&M's website!
Protection from the Winter Sun!
Matching scarf!

Do you have any particular weather habits you stick to? Let me know!!!

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Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

All Weathers Item of the Week - Primark Zebra Jumper

As a self-confession budget bargain-hunter, it gives me nothing but joy to make a cut-price purchase! So when I popped into Primark today with the intention of getting a pair of smart black trouser (which I  subsequently didn't get!) and was greeted with so many steals, I just couldn't help myself!

Of the stuff I unintentionally walked out the shop with, my favourite has to be the most adorable zebra wooly jumper which came to a grand total of £5! I have been slightly obsessed with zebras and zebra print since the summer so when I spotted it, there was no question that I would have to have it. The price just made the deal sweater!

Its the perfect jumper to throw on during this chilly period and is versatile enough to be warn with both trousers/jeans and skirts/dresses. I can imagine when it really gets cold, teaming it with a cute skirt or dress, some coloured tights and a warm pair of boots...I cannot wait to start wearing it!!!

Picture from The Daily Magnolias

What do you think of it? Have you grabbed any bargains recently? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who wears short shorts?!...

Apologies that it's been a few days since my last post but I am back with a fabulous selection of items for you to view! With the winter coming in, today I wanted to highlight one of my favourite items of clothing - shorts! - which can be brought from your summer wardrobe into your winter one with a few adjustments.

Now, there are several reasons why I truly believe that shorts are one of the best and most versatile items of clothing a person can own. Here are just a few:
1. They can be easily dressed up with a sexy pair of heels or down with a pair of trainers
2. They are suitable for any weather! Tan building with bare legs in the summer or with a cute pair of tights in keep your pins toasty in the winter, shorts really do easily cross all weathers.
3. They come in so many styles and shapes there is a pair of shorts out there for any lady regardless of their height, weight, shape etc.

Since 3 is my lucky number I will stop there (!) but there are so many other reasons that a great pair of versatile shorts should definitely make it into your wardrobe essentials. See below for my 4 top picks for this season.
Glamorous shorts
Bank - £28

These denim studded shorts are so cute and will look as great with  a tank top in warmer weather as they will with a wooly jumper and some boots in the winter.

Forever 21 - £12.75

I have these very shorts and they are just perfect! Dressing these shorts up is a dream, a pair of heels and a sexy blouse and you are good to go! If your in the mood for a bit of a cute day time look, team with a screen tee and some converse or vans trainers for super cool casual.


These hot pants are ultra glam and perfect for the upcoming Christmas party period. They are so effortlessly glam that simplicity is really the way to go with clothing and accessories. Its all about the shorts with these one!

H&M - £7.99

Another pair of shorts currently in my wardrobe (but in black), I love the burgundy/oxblood colour of these classy high-waisted shorts. Although they may not look it, they are actually made from quite a stretchy material making them extra comfy for any occasion from work to dinner. The belt add a really cute touch too! 
(See fatandfancy for a great post with some amazing H&M discount codes!)

What do you think of the selection of shorts? Are you a lover of shorts??? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx