Wednesday, 17 October 2012

All Weathers Item of the Week - River Island Baroque Print Cardigan

I spotted this week's item of the week a while ago, but as an obsessive bargain hunter did not allow myself to buy it, despite its dwindling online stock. But low and behold an alert from Polyvore surprised me the other night informing me that it had gone down to half price! Minutes later I was the proud owner of the ever so trendy Baroque Print Cardigan from River Island!

Baroque print is totally in right now and how better to effortless incorporate it into your wardrobe than in the form of a versatile cardigan? Able to be warn over a flowy dress on a summer's evening or with jeans and a scarf on a chilly autumn day (a bit like today...) I can wait to start wearing it! See below for a casual look for the cardigan, suitable for the current climate but can easily warn in warmer weather minus the tights.

Tea with the Queen..

How would you wear this trend? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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