Thursday, 25 October 2012

Farewell Jacket Weather from Nelson Mandela and I...

Today was absolutely freezing!!! Autumn seems to have come out of nowhere and winter is fast approaching. It seems that in a week the leaves on the trees have turned from green to yellow, the temperature has drastically dropped and the seasons have completely changed!

For me, this sadly means that it is time to say goodbye to my leather jacket, my trusty accomplice for the last few months of dodgy and unpredictable weather. But fear not, for my other trusty goto - the cape! - has come out to play. Perfect for days like today when its not cold enough for the winter coat (I'll probably wait for it to get to 10°c or less) but is definitely not jacket weather (which to me is 15°c or above); a woollen cape is a total Godsend for days like today!

Today, a simple misunderstanding (on my part)! had me standing in the middle of Parliament Square for over half an hour in the wind, rain and cold! As much as I enjoyed the company of Nelson Mandela, had I been stood next to the correct Nelson Mandela statue (warmly located INSIDE of the Southbank Centre) then I would not have had to unnecessarily endure 11°c without shelter! Needless to say the cape saved the day again, and I live to tell the tale...

Here's what I what I had on...
Chilly chilly...
The tights I had on are from Primark, they have a great deal of a 3-pack (one black, one teal and one burgundy) for £3. The best things is that they use heat technology that adjust with the heat - so they warm you up when it's cold and keep you cool when it is hot! Definitely my top pick weather bargain!

What are you wearing right now? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx


  1. Hello TFM!

    After you commented one of my posts on my blog, fat&fancy, I had to check your blog out. I've just now read all of your posts, and I must say this blog is genius!
    It's a lovely idea to build a blog around the weather, and the fact that you live in London (where I'm planning on moving in a couple of years) is simply fantastic.
    So now I'm your first follower - and I'm sure you'll get loads more.

    Happy Saturday :)

    //Natalie Madeleine

    1. Hey Natalie!
      Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment and for being my first follower!!!! I really appreciate it :) London is great and I'm sure when you move hear you will love it and get use to the crazy weather, hopefully with the help of TFM!

      Thanks again and Happy Saturday to you too!
      HMLDN xx

      p.s. fat&fancy is totally in my Blogs I Love List :D


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