Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Fashion Faux Pas...

This week saw fashionista Kim Kardashian admitting to a major fashion faux pas in her baggy yellow jacket and leather skirt combo. In the spirit of confession I too must admit that I made a major error in judgment, though to a much lesser extent.

Today, in my mission to outsmart and out-dress the weather...I was beaten! In my defence, I broke my own unwritten rule by not checking the weather before deciding what to wear or even leaving the house. Obviously, if I had check the weather and noted the torrential downpours that I'm sure must have been predicted for the afternoon, then I would not have worn my new Dorothy Perkins Leopard pumps and would have gone for more weather-proof footwear! Needless to say that they will never be the same again, particularly since a little trek through a muddy patch of grass insured that when I took them off they were soaked from the inside out!

A couple of hours under the heater and they are now right as rain (lol, awful pun I know!) and in a bid to avoid such horrific shoe atrocities I am on the search for a rain proof boot! Below are two I have taken a fancy too...but which ones?

Office Marshmallow Welly - £7.50

BUDGET: These wellies are a complete bargain at under a tenner, will definitely do the job of keeping my feet wet but are very wellie looking...

Dorothy Perkins Black Stud Back Biker Boots - £49

NOT-SO-BUDGET: These boots are so cute, on trend and could also definitely do the job. But would I really want to wear them in the rain?...

Which boots should I go for? Let me know by voting below!!!

Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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