Monday, 29 October 2012

'Frankenstorm': The Attack of Hurricane Sandy

It's a well know fact that us British love to moan about the weather. It could be the most beautiful summer's day with 28°C and a warm breeze and you can guarantee that somewhere out there a British person is pursing their lips and complaining that it is to hot!!!

But let's spare a thought for those American's who, far from complaining, embrace their often freak weather and who are approaching this Halloween with the threat of the ultimate 'Frankenstorm'. In particular, the dedicated weather reporters who brave the wind and rain to bring everyone the latest weather updates definitely deserve some serious kudos right now. Check out Styleite's homage to their practical meteorological fashion in their feature 10 Most Extreme Outfits Worn By Weather Reporters.

For those of you braving the storm The Week have published a really helpful fact sheet of 7 tips to stay safe which is a definite must to read. For those of us who fortunately out of harms way, this just put into perspective how frankly pleasant (in comparison) our current weather is and I'll definitely be thinking twice next time I have a weather-related rant (though to be fair it is inevitable that I cannot avoid them all together!).

Lets hope that the majority of people manage to keep safe and that it doesn't do too much damage. Below is the Weather Channel's live feed for the storm.

 Do you know anyone who might be affected? Let's all send our prayers and best wishes...
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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