Thursday, 22 November 2012

Soaked and windswept - How NOT to prepare for freak weather

Today was another one of those days where I have failed to follow my own fashion weather advice and have heavily paid the price! But let this be a lesson to myself for ignoring rule no.1 of dressing for the weather: Always check the weather forecast before going out.

In all fairness, since finishing studying I barely venture out unless it is truly necessary. So today's venture, which I underestimated as being quite straight-forward, was somewhat of an aversion to the recent enjoyment of watching bad weather from the comfort of my room which I have been getting used to of late. Let me tell you, getting soaked by heavy showers TWICE before getting lost when your phone decides it doesn't want to give you any internet signal (i.e. no google maps) and battling high winds with your umbrella in one hand, soggy (non-responsive) smart phone in the other is just not cool!  20 minutes late and looking like you've been hit by a giant wave, I've have definitely learned my lesson and WILL NOT be leaving the house in future clueless to the impending the weather conditions.

Let this be warning to you all of the fashion dangers of not preparing for the weather! Here's what not to wear on a day like this...

Pearly Queen of the Rain...

Everything but the coat, cardigan, scarf and earrings are exactly what I had on today. They are all pretty old stuff (so no longer available online) but here are the retailers (and links where available) of where I got my stuff from anyway:
Scarf: DKNY                Earrings: Primark              Bag: Accessorize, 
Collar: New Look       Top: New Look                 Cardigan: Primark
Skirt: H&M                  Tights: Primark                 Coat: New Look 

How did you fair in the weather today? Did it rain where you are? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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