Friday, 16 November 2012

Dressing for the Weather 101: 10°c and under

Apologies that I have been M.I.A. on the posting for a while but have been super busy! But I am back with some sound, tried and tested fashionable weather advice for you guys!

It is currently, if it hasn't already, approaching winter in London. With temperatures generally moving up and down around the 10°c degrees mark, it can be tricky to judge how much wrapping up is really necessary. For example, Wednesday was visibly a beautiful day. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky but  with temperatures just about reaching 10°c. As a paranoid weather dresser, I was prepared for this and dressed for the temperature over anything else, which definitely did the trick! Below are a few of my hints and tips for outsmarting the somewhat deceptive current climate...

Perfect example of Winter Sun in London!
  • Do not be deceived by the sun! With the evenings drawing in earlier, any heat generated by the sun (which in all honesty is not much!) during winter will ultimately disappear once it starts to go down. If you are going to be out and about after sunlight but begin during daylight bring extra layers such as hats and gloves for when it starts to get dark. You will appreciate them! For ideas on some cute hats, see here...
  • Although 10°c is chilly, it is not freezing, so save your hardcore winter clothes for colder temperatures. Lack of sun and excessive cloud can definitely make is seem colder than it is (and of course, the opposite warmer) so check the weather forecast for the 'feels like' temperature too before making those all important fashion decisions. Don't forget to factor in the wind which can also make a considerable difference both physically and fashionably. Above 15mph is generally breezy (check out this fantastic yahoo answer breakdown of wind speeds!)  Dressing for what it feels like definitely trumps dressing for what it actually is and is a much smarter choice!
  • Weather apps are your friend! I cannot literally not leave the house, let alone plan an outfit without consulting both The Met Office and The Weather Channel phone apps first. Both display 'feels like' temperatures and also break up the weather by hours/time periods so its easy to plan your outfit for the whole day. Very useful for avoiding deceptive sunny times, particularly if rain is forecasted later in the day...this has often saved my shoes more than anything else!
  • Everyone's body reacts to temperatures differently so its important to know your own personal temperature limits. For me, 10° is too cold for pumps without socks or tights but definitely not UGG boot weather (I save those until at least under 5°!). I do however revert to the winter jacket as it is a bit chilly for the cape, especially after dark. Test different amounts of layering for short trips out to see what your temperature limits are, it definitely makes planning outfits a lot easier once you know...
H&M and Primark are totally my go-to shops for weather accessories to have during these kind of temperatures. See below for a few of items which are on sale right now on H&M's website!
Protection from the Winter Sun!
Matching scarf!

Do you have any particular weather habits you stick to? Let me know!!!

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Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx


  1. I just love fingerless gloves! In fact I just bought two pair. :-) Thanks for stopping by our blog. Following you!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Thank you so much! Glad to know I'm not alone on the fingerless glove front :D!

  2. Fingerless gloves are the best thing ever - I wear them half the year!

    1. They are just so practical aren't they?! Thanks for your comment! ;)


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