Saturday, 24 November 2012

All Weathers Item of the Week - Fashion Union Turtle Neck Jersey Maxi Dress

After hearing practically everywhere about the Fashion Union £5 party dresses, I thought I would take a look on their website and see what else they had to offer. In all honesty, I had never heard of Fashion Union so didn't really know what to expect. But to my pleasant surprise there are lots of fab, inexpensive goodies on their website in addition to their £5 dresses. Exhibit 1: Turtle Neck Maxi Dress.

£10 - Fashion Union
Firstly, despite the name of this dress, it is more a midi dress than a maxi dress. The pictures on their website show the dressing coming to about mid shin, though if you are tall (like me!) then it comfortably covers the knees. It comes in a variety of colours (red, navy, grey, purple and of course teal!) and the best part is that its only a tenner! And if you use the code 15NOV12 at the checkout you get 15% off and free delivery!!!!! A total bargain right? The really soft, stretchy jersey material makes it comfortable to wear adding to its versatility. Perfect winter wear with a long sleeve underneath, tights and boots but it works just as perfectly for warmer weather when teamed with sandals! See below for 3 different casual ways to wear, all items are currently available online!

The Teal Turtle...

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