Monday, 10 December 2012

Dress for Success - Interview Outfits for the Cold

Hi guys! Apologies that it has been a little while since my last post but I am back!

So, today I had an interview for an internship with a fantastic music organisation and really wanted to make a good impression. I was totally thrown however when I check the weather and much to my horror, the 'feels like' temperature was showing 1°! I roughly knew what I wanted to wear as a while ago I purchased a bunch of peplum tops in different colours from New Look specifically for this type of occasion, but definitely found that I had to weather-proof for the hour journey there and back.

Weather proofing strategies...
The stretchiness of the top and the fact I was wearing a blazer on top meant that I was able to conceal an ultra-warm black long sleeve top underneath. To eliminate the draft from my 3/4 length sleeves under my coat, my trusty arm warmers came into play. Finally to avoid looking like I was wearing leggings with my super cosy Primark tights, I went for the weather technology ones which are slightly lighter but still very warm (sadly these got caught on my boot zip on the way home and laddered!!! :-( ).   I was particular undecided about footwear as it had originally planned to wear low-heeled black pumps.  But a combination of not being bothered to carry flats and wanting to keep my feet warm led to me trying out my new ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins. They worked a treat and definitely didn't detract from the professional look I was going for.

The final result was definitely a winner! A professional outfit which kept me super warm and GOT ME THE INTERNSHIP!!! Although I did feel very overdressed compared to the other candidates, it does show that it pays to dress for success. See what I wore below, a few items are old but some still available to buy...

Got the job...

Bag - Ollie and Nic (old) | Earrings - JCPenny (old) | Peplum top - New Look - £8.99 | Belt - Forever 21 -£2.40 (mine actually came off an old dress) | Skirt - New Look - £15 (I got mine from Forever 21 for £2.99 in the summer sales!) | Blazer - H&M - £15 (I bought mine a few years ago) | Boots - Dorothy Perkins - £32

Speaking of dressing for success, Dress For Success is a great charity which helps women who are not as fortunately as many of us to be able to dress for job success. They accept donations of "high quality work-appropriate clothes in all sizes," so do spare a thought for them next time you do a wardrobe clear out :-)

Have you had a job interview recently? What did you wear? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx


  1. I love LOVE the combination of the peplum top with the skirt and the belt!

    1. Thanks for your comment! This combo is totally my interview staple now, both smart and comfortable! :)


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