Saturday, 29 December 2012

What to Wear When Travelling - Cold Climate to Hot

I hope everyone is by now fully recovered from a fruitful Christmas and preparing for the New Year! A quick little post here for anyone hoping to catch some winter sun and escape the dreary winter weather!

I always struggle when deciding what to wear travelling with the comfort vs. style dilemma constantly at the forefront of my mind. When a flight or journey is short term (say a couple of hours) this is not so much of an issue, existing in slight discomfort in the name of fashion can be done. However, when a 9 hour flight is awaiting you after an already longish 1 and a half hour drive to the airport, a onesie is the only thing that I want to wear! However tempting this may be, it is not an option! There is, however, a meeting place between comfort and style in which neither is compromised and that allows you to reach your destination without looking a hot mess!

After doing my usual troll online for solutions (and with a little help from some very helpful polyvorers!) The below outfit worked a treat as a presentable but extremely comfortable travelling outfit. Here are a few travel friendly tips when dressing for flights or long journeys:

  • Layers are your friend! Looking remotely presentable leaving London on a not so sunny day in December for an extremely humid evening in Barbados was totally dependent on layering. I noticed that many people did not utilise this incredibly useful fact and ended up in 27ÂșC evening heat in boots, jeans and shirts. Not comfortable and not a good look! A simple tank under a shirt of blouse can add warmth in the cold while being your basis for your warm weather outfit. Alternatively if it is not to cold you may be able to get away with just a t-shirt/blouse under a thick jumper, easy to remove and very comfortable.
  • Footwear can often be a tricky choice when changing climates (as described above!) which is why I tend to go for ballet pumps with a pair of sandals in my hand luggage. In the cold, teaming the pumps with black socks, or tights if you are wearing a skirt or dress, keeps your feet toasty and comfortable without looking too outlandish. Then a quick switch before landing ensures that you are totally comfortable and your feet are not on fire once your land!
  • Accessories are everything, but just make sure that you don't overload on the metal! Nothing is more annoying than having to strip of all your metal items at security and then having the re-dress yourself afterwards. It's just long! This time I avoided the hassle by wearing wooden earrings and putting on my statement necklaces before landing as I was wearing a scarf on the journey. Also jeggings over jeans are both more comfortable and avoid the belt issue at security...[UPDATE: maxi skirts/dresses with tights or leggings underneath are also a good alternative!]
Here's an interpretation of what I wore...
From London to Barbados...
Items: Wooly jumper (I got a similar one from Primark) , scarf, body warm/vest/gillet, pumps, tote bag, jeggings, blouse/top, statement necklace, earrings, nail varnish (for the toesies!), sandals/flip flops.

Do you have any travel outfit tips? What do you usually wear when travelling? Let me know!!!
Ciao for now ;-) HMLDN xx

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